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The Great AdVenture
The world is full of treasures.
Discover them all!
01/05 - 28/02
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Salut Affiliate!
It’s time for a treasure hunt!
From this point starts your great path! Immense treasures are hidden in 7 regions! Can you discover them all?
Golden Keys
Open a path to treasures. Get as many as you can by making more money!
Check out the map in the Great AdVenture tab of you AdCombo cabinet and strategize.
There are 7 regions to explore.
Take leadership in one or more and claim your monthly rewards!
Stick to the rules! Scroll down for the full list.
The prize list for true adventurers
We’ve saved the major treasures for the finish of this grand journey!
Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV An incredible treasure of the global automotive industry - Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV is waiting for its owner from Top-5.
$70 000 Huge Aff Treasure trove of $70 000 is calling for a lucky one from Top-50
Top secret! Piles of fabulous prizes are ready to bring more unforgettable emotions on the journey!

How to gain the main prizes?
Plan your route
Drive traffic to all AdCombo offers for all GEOs and get 1 Golden Key per every $10 000 available (with 1x rate) for payout within your account.
Collect as many treasures as you can
The more money you earn with AdCombo during the Challenge, the more points you get! After the Сhallenge is over, a prize drawing is held. The more Golden Keys you have - the higher your chances to win Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV or money prize in the drawing!
Aim for the riches
The grand prize (Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV) is raffled among TOP-5 at the end of the Challenge. You can check your current position in a special tab at my.adcombo.com
And follow the rules
Who takes part in the Challenge?
All affiliates of the AdCombo affiliate network are participants.
What offers should I manage traffic to?
Manage your traffic to all offers of AdCombo.

NB: there are special rates for some offers. Contact your AM for more information.
How does it work?
A special tab appears in the user's personal account. It displays the number of earned points and the affiliate's current position in the TOP ranking.
How much time do I have?
Calculation of challenge points Golden Keys starts May 01, 2022, 00:00 UTC and stops Feb 28, 2023, 23:59 UTC.
What are the “Golden Keys” and how can I get them?
Golden Keys are the challenge points of The Great AdVenture Challenge. You get 1 Golden Key per every $10 000 (on an offer with 1x rate) earned and available for withdrawal on your affiliate account. There are special rates for conversion of payout sums into Golden Keys for some types of offers: (sum earned) x (offer rate) / 10 000:

1,25х: Golden Key = $8000
1х: Golden Key = $10000
0,8х: Golden Key = $12500
0,5х : Golden Key = $20000

Example: To get 1 Golden Key, you need to make $10 000 on an offer with 1х rate or make $20 000 on an offer with 0.5x rate.

ATTENTION: Golden Keys are not calculated for unapproved or rejected leads, as well as for leads in hold.

You can find a Golden Key bar in your AdCombo account. It displays your current number of Golden Keys and the amount left till your next Golden Key.
How can I get extra Golden Keys?
Every month, a regional leading adventurer receives an additional Golden Keys to the total number of Golden Keys. The final number of Golden Keys appears in one month after the end of the month.

How many extra points can you get every month?
+1 Golden Key if you take the lead in 1 region;
+3 Golden Keys if you take the lead in 2 regions;
+5 Golden Keys if you take the lead in 3 regions;
+7 Golden Keys if you take the lead in 4 or more regions.

Example: The Challenge starts on May 01, so you can check out the number of your first additional points on Jun 30!
What is the interactive map, and how does it work?
The map shows your current position in the regions of the offers you drive traffic to. Golden Keys are automatically sorted by the GEO from which the traffic flows. What’s more, there, you can find the TOP offers for the selected region. The map is available in The Great AdVenture tab of the AdCombo interface.

Example: An affiliate made $30 000 at any of the GEOs in Africa with a 1x rate. The partner will receive 3 Golden Keys in the region. Also, the number of Golden Keys appears in the general TOP rating of the challenge participants.

NB: If the Golden Key is earned in different regions, then it will only be displayed in the general TOP ranking.

Example: An affiliate made $10 000 on offers with 1x rate. $5000 was earned on offers in the MENA region and $5000 on offers in the LATAM region. To sum up, in the general TOP ranking the affiliate has 1 Golden Key and 0 points in regional rankings.
Who can participate in the prize draw?
The Top 50 participants, who made the most Golden Keys during the Challenge, are invited to the final party and are eligible to take part in the prize draw there.

NB: To take part in the prize draw, participants must attend the party themselves or via representatives. The date and time of the party will be announced later. Don't miss the updates!

ATTENTION: AdCombo undertakes to provide the Top 50 participants with free accommodation at the venue of the final party at its expense. All travel expenses are paid by the participants themselves.
How many prizes can a prize draw participant win?
Aston Martin V8 Vantage IV is raffled among TOP-5 participants. Each participant of the prize draw can win $70 000 and 1 minor prize.
How do we determine the winner?
The winner is chosen by a draw. Each of the prize draw participants receives chips with their username registered in the network. The quantity of chips of a participant is equal or proportionate to the number of gained Golden Keys.
The chips of all the prize draw participants are put into a lottery drum.
How does the Golden Keys exchange work?
After the final calculation of points, every participant can exchange earned Golden Keys for a prize by the formula 1 Golden Key = $100, but not more than $1000. After exchanging Golden Keys for a prize, they are spent out (but not the earned money).

Top 50 participants can exchange the Golden Keys for money, but at the same time, they are eliminated from the prize draw and don't receive guaranteed prizes.

The money prize can be received after the end of the Challenge, starting Feb 28, 2023 and within the month from the date. You are free to get the prize immediately or wait until the leads in hold are processed and bring you more Golden Keys.

Follow our news and updates and send a ticket request to your personal manager or contact AdCombo Support if you have a question to ask.

The AdCombo affiliate network reserves the right to impose restrictions toward incoming traffic or suspend it temporarily due to the technical need of the traffic processing system.
Exchange Golden Keys for money!
Couldn't get into the Top-50? No problem! At the end of the journey, you can exchange up to 10 obtained Golden Keys for money!
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